Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 26: Riding a chicken has its disadvantages

Although delightful in appearance, often causing major distraction in the opposite sex and alternative same sex alike, my legs are not the strongest or most muscular part of my anatomy. If you saw the rest of me, you would understand the gravity of this last statement.

The workout: 5 sets of 3 front squats. 115 (why did I start so low), 135 (will I ever find a weight I can't do), 155 (Fail, first attempt. Scratch that thought at 135), back to 145 (barely made it, terrible form on the last one), 135 (great form again).

Petra got to 110 and Scott got up to 195, and it looked like he could have kept going up quite a bit more. You go, buddy.

Let's talk about me a little more, since it is my blog, and I am a megalomaniac (low grade). When I started crossfit back at the end of December (dabbling) or really January (post knee injury, but consistently about 3 times per week), I weighed about 163-165 pounds, depending on the day. I went in for a physical a couple of days ago, and came in at 172 pounds. That is 7-9 pounds difference, and although I am not the before and after picture on the blog kind of guy, I can see that I am carrying way less body fat. So I will conservatively say that I picked up 6 or 7 pounds of either lean muscle mass, or I have a very dense tumor (it's not a tumah!) somewhere. This works. I have been eating a paleo-like diet, mainly meats and veggies, but I am by no means strict about it. My clean has so far gone from 115 pounds to 145 pounds, my front squat yesterday was 3 for 145 pounds, while it was 4 for 105 back in, I think, January. I have not used a band for pull ups in quite a while, and I can do high-rep ring dips with one band now, having to use two to do a single one a couple of months ago. I still can't really do a solid ring dip, but if I cheat just a little on the depth......

As for my wife, she is turning into an animal. I have never seen her so strong, nor have I seen that much fire (in public ;) ) in her eyes. This is a good thing.

Scotty is another story. He has improved so drastically in a couple of months, it is scary. I am seeing the best of the old Scotty coming back, and the worst of the new melting away. Get some brother.

This is where I should thank Matt. He bugged me until I came to his gym. He is teaching me much, and I would like to return the favor. Here it goes:

Run, Matt, run. I am coming to fucking get you. I hope you can stay ahead, but I am not going to make it easy. R



  2. Those improvements are no joke! Keep working like that and you wil be running a 5K in warp speed in no time!